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Kevin Montgomery - Guitar

Kevin is the newest member of Branded Cross.  In September of 2017 Vivian had surgery and required 6 weeks away from band traveling while she recuperated.  Through a small chain of friendships that started with Michael we were put in touch with Kevin who agreed to fill in on rhythm guitar while Vivian was out.  He was accepted into the band the first night he rehearsed with the full band.  Since Vivian’s return he has moved to working with Randy playing lead guitar.  Kevin grew up in church and a very musical family where almost every family member played some type of instrument.  While in 5th grade he started playing trumpet.  After reaching high school he transitioned to playing bass along side his mother who played piano every Sunday morning.  He also played bass with a group called the Paulcoustics once a month for a senior citizens gathering.  He tells the story it was at the senior citizen gatherings he was “forced” to sing by a lady named Marie who always wanted to know when “the cute fella” was going to sing.  In his late teens he started playing guitar.  He says he was self taught on guitar and bass with the exception of brief instruction on the guitar and bass fret boards.  The church he attended at that time had no guitar player so he volunteered.  He’s been playing ever since that time from Michigan to Kansas and now Texas.  He is very thankful for the musical gifts God has blessed him with and enjoys having the opportunity to give back to God by serving in a music ministry.  He says he always looks forwards to see where God leads him on his musical journey of service.